"I fell on my head and started writing songs." 

I know it sounds rather funny, but it's true. I had a near brush with death from falling ten feet straight down on my head.  It's weird, but some new neural pathways must have been created.  I had written songs earlier in life, but it's a gusher on the creative side now.   My traumatic brain injury has really let the music flow.

I write and perform in a Country Rock style and like to tell Americana stories with my music.   I also like to ride motorcycle and travel, all the while, soaking in inspiration for new lyrical songs.  A song can appear from anywhere, just by something I see or a word I hear. There's some sort of internal combustion goin' on. 

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I hope you enjoy Thunderin Down The Road.  All the royalties go to my 501(c)(3) which helps to feed starving and malnourished kids around the world.  You can learn more about it at www.Feedakid.org.

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