Thunderin Down the Road

by Terry Derosier

Released 2018
Released 2018
Picturesque and lyrical storytelling - Country Rock Americana Roots
A hundred miles behind me, Great Lakes in my mirror-
The Rockies rise before me a thousand miles from here.
The smell of hay and clover and wavin fields of gold
The plains are for the ...
Thunderin Down The Road was written while on a motorcycle trip. We started in Minnesota lakes country and crossed the Great Plains of North Dakota to the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park, Montana. I've been an avid motorcyclist and musician my whole life and wanted to write a song about the trip. Many times I would be driving down the highway and recording snippets of lyrics inspired by the awesome experiences on the road. "The beauty of the sunrise with miles and miles to go." If you like riding motorcycle or traveling, you will like this song as it is based on the true experiences of riding free in America.

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