Terry Derosier

Terry Derosier had a near death experience in 2014.  

While at a remote wilderness construction site, he stepped on some unsecured scaffolding and fell ten feet straight down and landed on his head.  Lying on the floor and looking at a pool of blood in front of him, he did not know whether or not he was to live or die.  His workers quickly provided first aid and rushed him off to the hospital.  He was lucky to be alive.  Now with a traumatic brain injury and crushed vertebrae, Terry would have months to contemplate his life and years of recovery ahead. 

“They say a near death experience changes a person.   

For me, it made me consider what the best way to live life would be.”

 Previously, Terry had been following a career path as a small business owner in the construction trades.  For 15 years, he had built Window World Twin Cities and popularized the Window World jingle he had recorded brought to household song status.  But now, continuing as the CEO of a large construction company- would no longer be possible.   His wife Mary would graciously step forward to lead the company.

During his time of recovery, something strange begin to happen.   He would hear words or see images and it would almost instantly turn into a song.  At the time of the initial accident, Terry also had bleeding on the brain. 

“I don’t know if some of the wires in my head got crossed,

but the creative side of my brain was very stimulated. 

The lyrics and songs were just flowing out now."             

 So, instead of calling his accident the “terrible fall,” as he initially called it, Terry started referring to it as the “blessed fall.” Because something wonderful was beginning to happen.  Now by writing and recording songs and creating images he is doing what he loves doing the most - making music and making movies.

As an emerging artist in the Country Rock genre, Terry gains inspiration from what he sees or hears and even smells while riding his motorcycle.  Also, growing up on the family farm in the Red River Valley of Northwestern Minnesota, he has a deep well of stories and images to draw from.  His picturesque lyrics and flowing songs, along with a warm vocal style have made some call him a cross between Johnny Cash and John Mellencamp.

Terry would eventually figure out what the best way to live his life would be.  All the proceeds from Terry’s music goes to his 501(c)(3).  It helps to feed starving and malnourished kids around the world.